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Containment Testing

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Special Containment Procedures: By order of the Site-17 Ethics Committee, Cell 2/23 of Facility-C is to remain empty. SCP-6400 is neither to be obstructed nor penetrated.

Description: SCP-6400 is a circular window, currently located on the North-Western wall of Cell 2/23. It consists of a single circular pane of glass, with no gridding or opening mechanism.

When damaged or obstructed from either end, SCP-6400 will disappear, reappearing in place of a nearby section of wall. The disappearance and subsequent reappearance of SCP-6400 appear to be instantaneous, and the area previously displaced is restored upon migration.

SCP-6400 appears exclusively on exterior walls, with preference for rooms with little to no natural lighting. Offices, dormitories, and containment cells are frequently targeted by SCP-6400, comprising 94% of all manifestations.

Humans and sapient entities within affected rooms are subject to a minor compulsion that semi-frequently directs them to look into SCP-6400. Time exposed to sunlight is negatively correlated with susceptibility to this effect, and those assigned an unrelated task are less susceptible than idle subjects at all levels. Among non-human and D-Class populations, weeping has been frequently observed.


The following is a photograph of SCP-6400, taken in its current position. Personnel are advised to report any lingering effects to the Department of Psychiatrics.